Stephanie uses drawing, animation and visual metaphor to enlighten the darker sometimes forgotten aspects of life, often personalising social injustices.  Her work, throws light onto forgotten facets of culture or topics encouraging the viewer to reflect more meaningfully on themes by making personal, sometimes even light-hearted connections. Her work is currently available to buy at Ruskin Prize Editions

She is an active member of Now we are 7 group and  Blue Monkey Artist network.
More of her collaborative animations are available to view at GraingerBurnside.co.uk





Selected for Crossing the Screen internation film festival, Towner Gallery Eastbourne November 2017  


Selected for Art the arms Fair Set Space London 12th -15th September 2017


Selected for Quay Gallery Summer Open 29th July -22nd September 


Selected for Martyr's Gallery Open Lewes July 8th -30th 2017 


Selected for Kunstflux ZigZag Margate May 2017


Selected for the Pelham House Open January 18th - February 28th 2017  


Selected for The East Sussex Open The Towner Eastbourne July 2016


Selected for Group show Art in the Dockyard Of the Sea Chatham Dockyard May 6th - July 24th 2016


The Ruskin Prize for Drawing Recording Britain Now: Society The Electrician's Shop Gallery London May 5th - 22nd 2016


Group exhibiton Unbroken  Now we are 7 Murmurations Gallery Bexhill 22nd March - 10th April 2016


The Ruskin Prize for Drawing Recording Britain Now: Society The New Art Gallery Walsall 26 February - 17 April 2016


Sotto Voce Group exhibition Hastings July 2015


Curious Projects Thinking Drawing group show December 6th - 6th February 2015

Group exhibiton Contemporary Art Show Longitude 50.84 Lattitude 0.13 Circus Street 

Brighton December 2014 


Fabrica Advent Calendar on-line December 17th 2014







Change and Disrupt Group Exhibiton at Martyr's Gallery Lewes from April 6 to 27th 2018 12 noon–5pm (Thursday–Sunday)



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